Optimizing your supply chain in the heart of the performance of your industry!



Because communication and harmonizing exchanges between the different services constitutes a key factor to optimize your purchases!

LThe most efficient supply services are those that master the best, procedures and costs related to the various acquisitions. Consequently, they may have the most advanced tools to optimize price inquiries, consultations, tenders, etc.
Nevertheless, all these tools are not enough to qualify optimally the task of supply if they do not respect the constraints and the recommendations contained in the various MTOL (Material Take Off List).

Purchasers must always be referenced on MTOL or more generally, respect the reference list of materials with the quantities, types, characteristics and the technical requirements needed to build or set up a structure or any object..

Technical constraints, specific standards for components and materials that compose the final building are constraints and conditions to be respected when prices consultation procedures take place. A slight variation in the diameter or the alloy composing a building can block the delivery of a construction site, a work or a service. In order to ensure the optimization of supply and communication procedures between engineers and suppliers , SOFTIC designed IIPS.


IIPS® is a complete suite of entirely integrated software adaptable to different areas of activity.

Reduce the risks related to various projects, increase your margins, and the optimal use of your resources with IIPS® software for engineering. IIPS® is an all -in -one software:

• Integration of conception and construction plans

• Management of the statements of MTO (Material take off) for pricing, distribution and placing orders.

• Accounting

• Tenders and consultations management


provides a common platform for collaboration, project management, procurement and construction throughout the value chain of your company.

IIPS® is an integrated solution that manages the supply, the valorization and the maintenance of assets throughout their lifecycle. As far as the market of specialized ERP is concerned, SOFTIC offers an adapted solution providing in real-time an in-depth visibility of all costs and revenues of one or more projects. This solution ensures indeed a continuous improvement of the company performance.


IIPS® helps you to reduce project costs, optimize schedules, improve risk management, and enables companies to act at global level to maintain advantage in a very complex competitive and international market.

From the initial estimation of costs thanks to the supply chain, to the on-site management, IIPS® manages standardization, conformity of materials to standards and prerequisites, purchase invoices of a given project, procurement functions, fabrication follow-up, and the site functions such as storage, stocks control, inventory and provision.


IIPS® peallows managing equipment from their technical conception to their deliveries on site, going through their stock management.

IIPS® enables to manage equipment during all the phases of a project: study , supply, construction.

Study phase :

o Establish the prerequisites in terms of specifications and standards to prepare plans

o Determine the list of the needed equipment in a plan starting from design software (PDMS, CADWorx, Autocad ...)

oEstablish datasheet

Supply phase :

o Manage the process of purchase applications and approval procedures

o Prepare consultation requests

o Collect supplier offers through e-Procurement

o Carry out technical and commercial counting

o Start commands and manage the process of delivery, invoicing and payments

Construction Phase :

o Manage the receipt of on-site orders

o Ensure the stocking

o Check the conditions of storing material according to predefined standards

o Manage the conditions of items in stock

IIPS® uses the latest technologies to ensure:

  • A total flexibility with other solutions and tools for your daily activities (AVEVA PDMS, AUTOCAD, etc.).
  • Scalability and easy integration in the existing systems and workflow
  • Each department or branch can simply access all material database or the project components required for a given task.
  • Materials and components are visible in the proper format, calibrated or adapted to the business requirements (purchase, conception, finance, etc.).



SOFTIC - IIPS® ensures functionalities like :

Going beyond traditional software, IIPS® allows:

  • The integration of materials conception on specific software (PDMS®, AUTOCAD®),
  • The management of all construction documents, production or assembly, etc.
  • The management of materials, equipment and digital content,
  • The dematerialization of supports, documents, and building plans,
  • ...

Thanks to this functionality, IIPS® product guarantees that suppliers respect imperatively the MTOL or more generally the referential list of materials with the quantities, types, characteristics and technical constraints necessary to the expressed technical need.

Thanks to this functionality of suppliers performance monitoring, IIPS® product allows:

  • At the beginning of a contract, to minimize the risk degree and uncertainty for the parties involved.
  • During the contract with suppliers, IIPS® enables to acquire (historicizing, analyzing,and comparing) procurement experiences and to minimize risks since hypotheses and initial uncertainties were tested.
  • At the end of a contract, in order to ensure the follow-up and measuring of the performances relative to those agreed in the contracts, IIPS® enables to index and historicize supports of description and assessment of the level of suppliers performances , and other documents such as partnership agreements.

While working to ensure respecting procedures and general procurement policies, thanks to a significant adequate scope of margin and a sufficient flexibility, IIPS® ensures the changes to the needs and specificities of each procurement procedure.

The perfect calibration of IIPS® solution allows the examination and the weighting of factors related to procurement procedures in accordance with the general procedures established by the organization.

IIPS® contributes to the creation of a good working relationship between all parties. As an example, through the involvement of the procurement staff, thanks to the IIPS®; in the initial stages of planning the material list (MTOL), this latter will understand why some defined options by the engineering team may be more appropriate. The IIPS® creates an optimal working relationship between the business branches, allowing engineering teams to explain the motivations behind any variation of their initial plans or needs.

The IIPS® Solution offers you an integrated platform to manage all aspects of procurement projects, consultations, tenders, subcontracting management, to commissioning and final delivery. The solution enables to:

·    Collaborate effectively with stakeholders throughout the supply chain,

·     Minimize costs and schedule overrunning,

·     control project risks,

·     etc.

Get a complete view of your company. Manage operations globally.

From opportunity management, sales, operations planning, billing or contracts cancellation, IIPS® provides a complete solution to manage all operations in a user-friendly manner.

IIPS® reinvented the purchasing management system, resulting in the management and valorization of stocks.

Based on a hierarchical structure of localization, IIPS® allows managing complex needs: (1) monitoring stocks of suppliers and customers, (2) full traceability (3) links with the financial management, (4) management of multiple warehouses, etc.
IPS® extremely revised logistics monitoring...


Thanks to extensive logistics rules, IIPS® allows to ensure, for a specified period a location or any other variable: (1) a high control over the receipt of purchases (consumables, fixed assets, convertible products, etc.) (2) A setting up of complex rules of storage and picking in warehouses, (3) an access to comprehensive analyzes of inventory or stock value, etc.

The inventory optimization is done through the minimum stock rules and more complex ones.


Stocks valuation enables to consult the monetary value of the stock in each location, as well as the follow-up of all past or future inventory operations. IIPS® can generate automatic controls to obtain the maximum specified stock level.

The only commercially available solution of a complete material management and subcontracting...


A common platform for all material and subcontracting related activities. The solution covers the entire life cycle of the project. It allows you to focus on the objectives of the company project rather than the specific objectives related to a discipline or a department.

IIPS® is constantly evolving…


o complete this solution, IIPS® includes as well more functionalities of: (1) management, progress monitoring and subcontracting planning, (2) management, monitoring and reassessment of the planned budgets.