Because a market solution may be more expensive

during its definitive establishment!




Because a market solution may seems more expensive during its definitive establishment, SOFTIC combines the expertise of our best business analysts, designers and developers, while ensuring the best transition during the migration phase from an existing solution to the one proposed by SOFTIC!

SOFTIC experience, and the different cases - which our customers faced - reveal that customizing renowned solutions is often more expensive than the budget estimated in the acquisition decision. For this purpose, all our solutions are customizable upon request to closely stick to the standards, norms and practices of our customers.

In practical terms, if it is sometimes easy to parameter generalist solutions to comply with modalities, procedures and the company process, this rule cannot be generalized for all business types or needs of companies from disparate sectors.

Based on the fact that, the best business applications in the market may not be optimal in comparison to the specific needs of the sector or of the company concerned, SOFTIC designed products based on an adequate scope and a sufficient flexibility for a customized satisfaction for the specific needs of each client.

  • Business Analysis and Consulting

    It goes beyond a simple discipline of research and needs identification related to the business problems of each company, SOFTIC includes the DREAM-TEAM of business experts for the success of your project.

    The solutions proposed by SOFTIC obviously include, development component: software - systems, but consist especially in the assistance and advice related to the improvement process, organizational change or strategic planning.

  • Technical competencies

    ASP, .Net, Office 365, SharePoint, PHP, MySQL, are all technologies on which we mobilize our skills at your service.

  • Business competencies

    Procurement, Finance, Stock, Human Resources, Waste treatments, are all areas of expertise on which we develop our technical expertise at your service.

  • Conception, development and integration

    From needs analysis, the definition of functional specifications, programming, configuration, drafting of the technical documentation required for the deployment and to the operation of developed IT solutions, SOFTIC provides its customers with the tools necessary to their activity by designing and programming developed IT solutions in compliance with standards, architectures and procedures.

  • Migration and data transfer

    Data transfer is one of the most delicate steps during the implementation of a management software. Moreover, the start may be postponed because of blocking issues, resulting in additional costs.

    In order to master the ins and outs, SOFTIC undertakes an indispensable phase - dedicated exclusively to the understanding of the functioning mode of the source software. It envisages this phase of the project as a separate project.

    A good pilot phase will enable the new tool to be operational more quickly.

  • Products and business training

    SOFTIC inter-company training hub includes product trainings and business trainings, to optimize both your procedures and your use of SOFTIC products.

  • Assistance, Support and Maintenance

    A full range of services, support, assistance and maintenance that guarantee the smooth functioning and a maximum performance of SOFTIC solutions. The services and programs of support help you managing the daily operations and maximize the efficiency, the profitability of your investment.