A complete suite of fully integrated software adaptable to different areas of activity.


he Intranet Foundation® solution is a new model of production, exchange and collaboration within a company. Both internal and external resources are joined by means of this new communication tool to maximize the creative energy in large projects or in daily required tasks...

The Intranet Foundation® solution is not strictly based on the traditional hierarchical organization. In fact, the objective of the platform Intranet Foundation® is to develop the cooperation between the members (employees of the firm, partners, customers, institutions and public bodies) via a unique and common base. Intranet Foundation® allows henceforth communicating the offers and needs of all actors in the company (through the Intranet accesses) or sub-sectors and external partners (through the Extranet access).

Based on these specific needs of each sector and often each company, SOFTIC designed Intranet Foundation®, a unique and common support to unify the forces and increase the synergy of your resources.

INTRANET FOUNDATION® is a complete suite of fully integrated software adaptable to different areas of activity.

It offers you the possibility to organize your collaborative workspaces, as desired, and surprises your resources thanks to a catalog of professional applications (specific or general) ready to use. The deployment of the additional applications is done according to your sector, job directory and more generally your needs.

INTRANET FOUNDATION® includes a suite of core application :
  • Groupware
  • Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Collection and sharing of opinion
  • Collaborative Tools
  • Communication tools
 INTRANET  FOUNDATION®provides a common platform for collaboration, service management, and on a wider scope "a collaborative portal.
INTRANET FOUNDATION® is a portal for collaborative company. It allows to build a virtual working environment, where there are applications tailored to the activity of the company. It is under the responsibility of one or more administrators who set up the necessary applications for the working group. They as well, assign access rights to users or groups.
INTRANET FOUNDATION® helps you reducing the management costs, optimizes communication, improves document management, and enables companies to value the know-how and the good practices.

INTRANET FOUNDATION® enables companies to benefit from considerable advantages in terms of exchange facilitation, cost reduction, access to more services, etc.

Allowing the mutualisation of needs, competencies, assets, Intranet Foundation® contributes significantly to increasing productivity, while reducing operating costs.



INTRANET FOUNDATION® ensures functionalities notably :

From the sake of the valorization and the incentives for collaborative work, the functionalities "Groupware" of the Intranet Foundation® solution provide a set of tools such as calendar sharing, task lists to accomplish, or any other resource. This indeed offers the opportunity to work asynchronously and without necessarily gathering everyone involved in the same place. The work is hence collaborative, virtual and asynchronous within a group or groups. Groups of people or sharing groups can be built around a business/profession, project or any other object or element defined by the procedures of the company.
Organizing and managing information and electronic documents within an organization are not the only procedures considered by the functionality included within Intranet Foundation®. Acquisition, indexing, classification, dissemination, information storage, access are all functionalities converging upon optimizing the collaborative work processes and the enhancement of interactions between internal and external resources. This functionality covers various business needs. From saving and simple classification of electronic documents to the management of documents reviews. It relates as well to documents management according to their life cycle. The solutions that can be integrated within the Intranet platform Foundation® take into consideration the process of creation to archiving (DMS) going through the management of different versions and the management of the different circuits of documents validation (ETDMS).
This is an integral component of the Intranet platform Foundation®. It allows the setting up of simple statistical inquiries, surveys, and other types of online forms. It allows users, interviewers and any other intervener to publish questionnaires on the collaborative portal to collect responses.
Because sharing information and professional work are essential to the productivity of the company, Intranet Foundation® allows to improve internal communication within the company via creation, sharing and modifying work files in real time in a common working environment. Each (authorized) user can edit a document, and view modifications in real time by other employees.
To overcome the problem of file format incompatibilities, Intranet Foundation® integrates editors and viewers of different file formats included within the solution. The purpose of this formatting or this standardization is to facilitate the development of digital content within the company, while preserving productivity.
INTRANET Foundation®, provides the infrastructure and the necessary services for the use of instant messaging, the presence, etc. This product provides a unified communication experience with all communication functionalities on a single base.
Thanks to its various connectors, INTRANET Foundation® offers architecture allowing heterogeneous applications (Microsoft Dynamics, AutoCAD, AVEVA PDMS) to manage their exchanges. The solution creates a network for information exchange between different IT applications. In this context, the connectors enable to converge all data to the solution Intranet Foundation® that concentrates at this stage and redistributes the various information streams when needed.


Le but de la gestion des dossiers est de veiller à ce que des documents de qualité sont créés, gérés et éliminés conformément aux exigences techniques, légales ou procédurales de l’entreprise, le secteur, l’activité ou encore le département.

Les dossiers peuvent également inclure des documents provenant de l'extérieur tels que des rapports externes de conseil, avis de conformité réglementaires ou les fiches de données de sécurité des matériaux utilisés dans le cadre d'une activité de l’entreprise.

Les documents produits peuvent être sous la forme de supports papier ou électronique.