SOFTIC is a software company specializing in the development and the setting up of innovative solutions based mainly on Microsoft® technologies.

From Software development according to the business needs, to the integration with existing solutions, going through industrial and / or embedded scientific development, SOFTIC is indeed a principal guideline to assist its customers throughout the life cycle of their projects.

Positioning and strategy!

Since 2012 SOFTIC operates in the national and international market.

With a diversified customer portfolio, SOFTIC covers offers related to: Strategy, Deployment and Management, Portals and Collaboration, decision-making , company applications..

SOFTIC goes beyond a company offering services. It reveals in each of them its know-how and its expertise in the domain of Business consulting, Needs analysis, conception, implementing applicative realization, Qualification, start accompaniment, Support and TMA.

With a research and development budget equivalent to over 25% of its turnover, the company aims to be a major player in innovation and the integration of new technologies technically and functionally.

The triptych, the key to success of SOFTIC!

Given the production history of the company, SOFTIC has distinguished itself by its expertise and its excellence in different work environments.

The company SOFTIC has managed to concretize an undeniable advantage based on the triptych : interoperability, complementarity, modularity.

  • An interoperability upon request!

    Based on the functional and / or technical need, SOFTIC products interact, upon request, with your work environment.

    In practice, this is materialized by an offer of complementary services.

  • A Complementarity with your existing systems!

    SOFTIC solutions and products have been developed on the basis of a full integration with solutions such as, Microsoft Dynamics AX®, AVEVA PDMS®...

    This is an undeniable advantage to meet the specific needs of each customer.

  • A growing modularity!

    SOFTIC is endeavoring to develop incrementally competence centers that best meet the needs and the requirements of customers.