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SOFTIC-WFS a secure web solution for file sharing

SOFTIC, software publisher and key player in consulting and modeling of new generation information systems, adds to its portfolio of Products SOFTIC-WFSTM  to fulfill its customers request

"Very proud to be able to meet the demand of our customers by introducing SOFTIC-WFSTM " Said Ms. Rayda Megdiche, Executive Director. And she adds: "We stayed in close contact with our customers during this confinement period to satisfy their needs in terms of availability, integrity and confidentiality of their information system."

SOFTIC-WFSTM (Web File Server) is a highly  secure solution,  integrated with the intranet platform SOFTIC-IESTM  , that allows sharing of confidential files internally and externally with advanced user access rights. Shared files can be protected from downloading, printing, copying and saving.

The SOFTIC-WFSTM interface is intuitive and easy to use with an interface similar to the Windows file explorer, securely accessible from any internet connected device (PC, MAC, iPad, Android, etc.) via a Web browser


SOFTIC is a software publisher specializing in architecture, development and integration of innovative information systems. Operational for more than 10 years and invests more than 25% of its income in R&D. SOFTIC offers a variety of solutions to meet the needs of modern businesses and organizations. Its software portfolio includes: SOFTIC-IIPSTM, SOFTIC-HRTM, SOFTIC-ORGATM, SOFTIC-IESTM, SOFTIC-ETDMSTM, SOFTIC-KMTM, SOFTIC-WRDPATM, SOFTIC-WFSTM

Our vision is to be the client's trusted partner in the digital transformation process.

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